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Odborný seminář

V rámci odborného semináře katedry elektromagnetického pole bychom Vás rádi pozvali na přednášku Ing. Milana Příhody, na téma Calibration techniques for VNA – Myths & Facts. Přednáška se koná ve středu 14. října ve 14:30 v místnosti T2:B2-621.

Abstract: Vector Network Analyzer (VNA) is a device which is used in wide range applications. The modern VNA are very accurate and complex devices. Besides the large number of great RF and microwave hardware it also contains an integral non-hardware part - calibration techniques.  The mentioned RF and microwave hardware inside the VNA is very stable and accurate nowadays. It can be said, that calibration techniques dominantly affects the measurement results.


It is necessary to address the question of the appropriate test fixture arrangement (according to DUT) before each measurement. Test fixture arrangement has to be compatible with suitable technique in terms of calibration standards. Either non-optimal choice of suitable calibration technique or an improper design of calibration standards for a specified measurement scenario can lead to completely incorrect results.


The seminar will be focused on several issues. First the common mistakes that can occur during OSM and TOSM/UOSM calibration will be shown. Then advantages and disadvantages of TRL technique will be discussed. Finally an example of design of standards for Multiline-TRL technique will be demonstrated including verification measurement of Beatty standard up to 50GHz.