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Odborný seminář

V rámci odborného semináře katedry elektromagnetického pole bychom Vás rádi pozvali na přednášku Dr. Vratislava Sokola (CST), na téma Extraction of material properties based on measured data. Přednáška se koná ve středu 21. října ve 14:30 v místnosti T2:B2-621.

Abstract: Electromagnetic field simulators are used in a design of the MW/RF circuits in order to lower the number of prototypes reaching a good agreement to the measured results. Although the 3D EM modeling allow to pass through a challenging design process the robustness of the virtual prototyping strongly depends on the quality of the input parameters for EM simulator. One of the most critical issues is an accurate characterization of the material properties used in the 3D EM simulation. For the dielectric material we need to know a broadband dispersion of a complex permittivity (and/or permeability for ferrites), while the conductors exhibit a skin-depth effect, surface roughness and broadband permeability dispersion in a case of ENIG plating.
This seminar will present several extraction techniques of material properties based on the measured S-parameters of simple geometry samples using CST STUDIO SUITE®. The importance of a manufacturing technology in the extraction process will be discussed in a relation to the robustness of the particular technique. The most important effects like etch factor, over-etching, over-milling, metallization thickness and the connection repeatability of low-cost end-launchers will be addressed showing real-world examples.